1. Pingu - Pinga's Balloon
  2. Pingy - Pingu and the Band
  3. Oswald - Catrina's Birthday Cake
  4. Bob the Builder - Wendy's Surprise Party
  5. Bob the Builder - Wendy's Magic Birthday
  6. Bob the Builder - Scoop the Disco Digger
  7. Angelina Ballerina - The Royal Banquet
  8. Angelina Ballerina - The Costume Ball
  9. Thomas and Friends - Thomas and the Circus
  10. Thomas and Friends - Thomas and the Birthday Picnic
  11. Barney and Friends - It's Your Birthday, Barney!
  12. Fireman Sam - Birthday Surprise
  13. Fireman Sam - Carnival of Junk
  14. Kipper - The Costume Party
  15. Rubbadubbers - Silly Sploshy
  16. Wobbly Land - Wobbly Tumbles

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