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To restart the hlstatsx daemon, log onto via ssh, then do

cd perl
./run_hlstats restart


For correct icons, obtained


Weapons had to be inserted manually via the hlstatsx web configuration; the weapon codes are

weapon_m9       9 mm Beretta Pistol
weapon_makarov    Soviet Makarov Combat Pistol
weapon_ak47     AK-47 Awtomat Kalaschnikowa
weapon_aks74u    AKS-74U Awtomat Kalaschnikowa Ukorochennyj
weapon_fnfal    FN FAL Automatic Rifle
weapon_kabar    KA-BAR 12-inch Fighting Knife
weapon_bayonet        Last-Resort Advanced Combat Knife
weapon_l42a1    Enfield L42A1 Military Sniper Rifle
weapon_m4med    M4 Medium Range Rifle
weapon_m1014    M1014 Service Combat Shotgun
weapon_m14    Colt M14 Carbine
weapon_m16a4    M16A4 Infantry Rifle
weapon_m16m203    M16 carbine M203 Grenade Launcher
weapon_m18    M18 Rifle
weapon_m249    M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon)
weapon_m4    M4 Carbine Rifle
weapon_m67    M67 Recoilless Rifle
weapon_rpk    RPK Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikova
weapon_sks    Simonov SKS carbine
weapon_svd    Dragunov Sniper Rifle
weapon_toz    TOZ Rifle
world        RPG or Granade

To insert/change entries manually (this is an example) (I used this to updated the kill counts on each one of these weapons, because the weapon names were input a few days after the beginning of stats taking).

mysql -hlocalhost -ucanopen_can -p###### 
use canopen_stats;
show tables;
select * from hlstats_Weapons;
describe hlstats_Weapons;
update hlstats_Weapons set kills=65 where code="weapon_m9";

And this needs to be added to beetlesmod defaults.cfg:

// Join 'Information Menu' Strings
addsaytrigger "rank" "admin_psay hlx" "2"
addsaytrigger "statsme" "admin_psay hlx" "2"
addsaytrigger "/rank" "admin_psay hlx" "2"
addsaytrigger "session" "admin_psay hlx" "2"
addsaytrigger "kpd" "admin_psay hlx" "2"
addsaytrigger "top10" "admin_psay hlx" "2"
addsaytrigger "next" "admin_psay hlx" "2"

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