HO Thomas and Friends is a parody of the well-known Thomas and Friends TV series. It features moving mouths and often adapts from the Railway Series and TV series. The main thrust of the story is the tale of how Thomas became a ho, turning tricks in the back streets of Tidmouth for ten pounds a time. The other main character is Donnie the Pimp Engine, who gets Thomas hooked on crack.


Thomas & Neville

The first episode, a redo of Thomas and the New Engine. Thomas sees Neville, a new steam engine, with 'Arry and Bert, and starts a rumour that they are friends. The engines get so wrapped up avoiding Neville that Thomas forgets to warn him about a broken bridge...

Thomas and the Brakedown Train

Here is a redo of when Thomas proved to be Really Useful. Shunting in the yards, Thomas comes across a strange train called "The Breakdown Train". When James, the red engine has an accident, Thomas quickly comes to the rescue. The Fat Controller is so pleased with Thomas, he gives him his own branchline as a reward.

Thomas Goes to York Part 1

A redo of when Thomas went to York. One day Thomas is told that he can go on show at York Railway Museum. But will things run smoothly?

Cab Over Wheels

A redo of when Wilbert tells the engines a story about a naughty engine. Wilbert tells Toby and Thomas about the Dean Forest Railway. Since his first job is due to be in the Lead Mine, Thomas warns Wilbert to be wary of the DANGER sign. But Wilbert tells Thomas he knows what he's doing, and that he's had experience of an engine who ran past a Danger sign too! Wilbert tells them the story of Sixteen, an engine who's job was to move trucks to the same place every day, a job the engine got sick and tired of. That and his curiosity was bothering him, he wanted to know what lay beyond the Danger sign. He seized his chance on a wet day when the rails were slippery and the trucks could pull him forward.

Sixteen blames the incident on the trucks, and he ends up on an unsafe embankment. When the Driver is ordered to the office by a Foreman, and the Fireman is told to move Sixteen back, disaster strikes. The rails beneath Sixteen sagged and he topples over, landing on his side and leaking steam everywhere! After that, according to Wilbert, he was rescued and sent to the back of the shed in disgrace, but got better than he deserved and got a very lucky second chance by a preservation group in the Midlands who restored him again.

Sparky - Halloween Special

Thomas and Percy have to do a job at the scrapyard but they find that they aren't the only ones there!

Firework Fantasy

Since Stepney is a visitor he feels left out, but Ross brakes down when he is pulling the fireworks so Stepney rushes to the rescue.

Christmas Special 2006

Peter Sam, fetches Thomas' plough, Diesel causes disaster, and Thomas slips on the tracks and gets dunked in the mud. What a Christmas!

Thomas goes to York Part 2

Part Two of Thomas' Visit to York. Another fright happens but something good always turns up.

GNER Gordon

Gordon visits the North East of England meeting new friends and seeing new sights, though he comes face to face with one of his fears. Find out what happens!


Another book redo special based on the second story in Thomas Comes Home with a horiffic twist. As the snow melts, the water rises in a stream on the branch line. A bridge crosses over the rising stream, and Percy worries that the bridge might collapse. But one day, Toby tells him that the water in the stream has lowered. Later, Henry jokingly suggests Thomas may be kept as York as a museum-piece, making Annie and Clarabel upset. Percy spends so long comforting them that he is delayed with his next train. Fortunately, he doesn’t have to stop at the station near the stream, but as Percy crosses the bridge over the stream, he feels it sink slightly under his weight, and hears a creaking sound. Percy goes as fast as he dares, and he and the coaches make it off the bridge just before it collapses into the stream. The Fat Controller closes the line whilst the bridge is repaired, and nowadays, Percy always takes care over the bridge where he almost went swimming.

Peter Sam's Pollution

Packet of Lard and Cream

Oh how hell life is when the Fat Controller gets healthy food, and you don't want to get in his way, as poor Thomas found out.


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