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Course Outline

Lecture Notes

Lecture 01

2008-01-07 (Monday)

This lecture was a survey of the course material, which spans a duration from 1700–2008, three centuries of mathematics. We examined a chronological progression of characteristic topics.

Lecture 02

2008-01-09 (Wednesday)

Sorry, can't find my lecture notes for this lecture.

Lecture 03

2008-01-11 (Friday)

Jakob Bernoulli & Convergence Series.

Lecture 04

2008-01-14 (Monday)

Lecture 05

2008-01-16 (Wednesday)

Lecture 06

2008-01-18 (Friday)

Missed this lecture; no notes to enter.

Lecture 07

2008-01-21 (Monday)

Lecture 08

2008-01-23 (Wednesday)

Lecture 09

2008-01-25 (Friday)

Lecture 10

2008-01-28 (Monday)

Lecture 11

2008-01-30 (Wednesday)

Lecture 12

2008-02-01 (Friday)

Lecture 13

2008-02-04 (Monday)

Lecture 14

2008-02-06 (Wednesday)

Lecture 15

2008-02-08 (Friday)

Lecture 16

2008-02-11 (Monday)

Lecture 17

2008-02-13 (Wednesday)

Lecture 18

2008-02-15 (Friday)

Lecture 19

2008-02-25 (Monday)

Lecture 20

2008-02-27 (Wednesday)

Lecture 21

2008-02-29 (Friday)

Lecture 22

2008-03-03 (Monday)

Lecture 23

2008-03-05 (Wednesday)

Lecture 24

2008-03-07 (Friday)

Lecture 25

2008-03-10 (Monday)

Lecture 26

2008-03-12 (Wednesday)

Lecture 27

2008-03-14 (Friday)

Lecture 28

2008-03-17 (Monday)

Lecture 29

2008-03-19 (Wednesday)

Lecture 30

2008-03-21 (Friday)

Lecture 31

2008-03-24 (Monday)

Lecture 32

2008-03-26 (Wednesday)

Watched the video: Tout est relatif, monsieur Poincaré

See rebuttal paper: Henri Poincaré: The Movie (The Unintended Consequences of Scientific Commemorations)

Lecture 33

2008-03-28 (Friday)

Missed today's lecture; please add some notes if you've got 'em.

Lecture 34

2008-03-31 (Monday)

  • Introduction
  • Data processing
  • Calculating machines
  • Three pioneers:
    • Babbage
    • Turing
    • von Neumann

Lecture 35

2008-04-02 (Wednesday)

  • Invention of the Computer
    • ENIAC
    • EDVAC
    • EDSAC
    • UNIVAC

Lecture 36

2008-04-04 (Friday)

Missed this lecture.

Lecture 37

2008-04-07 (Monday)

  • Six-colour theorem

Lecture 38

2008-04-09 (Wednesday)

Missed this lecture.

Lecture 39

2008-04-11 (Friday)

Missed this lecture.

Study Questions

Old Midterm

Course Readings


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