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HUNK (Tough Hero 5/Strong Hero 3/Soldier 3/SpecOp 5): CR 16

Medium Humanoid (human)

HD: 8d10+8d8+54 (hp 137) Mas 19

Init: +6

Spd: 35 ft.

Def: 25 (+2 Dex, +10 class, +3 undercover vest)

BAB: +13 Grapple +15

Attacks: Martial Arts +15/+10/+5 melee (1d4+4) or knife +15/+10/+5 melee (1d4+4/19-20) or TMP +16/+11/+6 ranged (2d6+2)

FS/R: 5 ft./5 ft.

Special Attacks: Silent Death, Weapon Focus (TMP), Weapon Specialization (TMP)

Special Qualities: Hunt & Evade, Night Mover, Shock & Awe, Specialist (weapons)

Allegiances: Umbrella Corp (Europe), Pride

Saves: Fort +16, Ref +9, Will +5

Action Points: 8

Reputation: +2

Ability Scores: Str 14, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 8.

Occupation: Military (class skills: Hide, Move Silently; bonus feat: Personal Firearms Proficiency)

Skills: Climb +6*, Demolitions +4, Hide +15 (+19 with fatigues and night mover)*, Intimidate +3, Jump +9*, Knowledge (earth and life sciences) +2, Knowledge (tactics) +9, Listen +7, Move Silently +17*, Navigate +7, Spot +9, Survival +14, Swim +8, Treat Injury +6.

Languages: English and French (literate and spoken)

Feats: Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Alertness, Armor Proficiency (light), Athletic, Burst Fire, Combat Martial Arts, Exotic Firearms Proficiency (grenade launcher), Great Fortitude, Heroic Surge (4/day), Improved Autofire, Improved Damage Threshold, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Stealthy, Strafe.

Talents (Strong): Melee smash (improved)

Talents (Tough): Remain conscious, robust, stamina.

Possessions: Combat knife, Tactical Machine Pistol with one extended magazine (30 rounds, loaded) and one magazine (15 rounds), 3 fragmentation grenades, medical kit (first aid spray).

Stats for the real-life TMP (actually a submachine gun) can be found here: [1]

Yes it has fewer bullets, but its autofire only uses up 10 bullets rather than the ridiculous number it used up in Resident Evil 4.

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