Hacker: Earthbrats. I'm so bored.

Matt: What do you want, Hacker?

Hacker: Can I go to Chuck E. Cheese?

Jackie: No.

Hacker: But, Jackie. I want to go.

Jackie: Hacker, I said no!

Hacker: But...


Matt: I agree with your girlfriends.

Hacker: I WANNA GO!! (x3)

Inez: Hacker! Stop it right NOW!!! You can't go to Chuck E. Cheese. It's too old to get inside because Chuck E. Cheese is for babies.

Matt: Go to bed now!

Hacker: NOOOOO!!!

Jackie: Go to your room! You're grounded for three days!


Hacker: I'll just sneak to Chuck E. Cheese. (runs off)

(at Chuck E. Cheese...)

Owner: Here's your pizza, Hacker.

Hacker: Thanks. (chomps on a slice of pizza, then later, she burps after eating all the pizza) Yum, that's good pizza. Here's the train ride. And there's an alien game.

Gamer: Stop, intruder, STOOOOOOP!!!

Narration: Game over...

Hacker: I lost again. But here's Pizza Time Theater. Let's watch, shall we?

Chuck E.: Hello, guys! Chuck E. here! We're going to sing a song. Ready? Go! (music begins to play) (singing) C-H-U-C-K E, Chuck E!

(at home...)

Inez: Hacker! How dare you sneak to Chuck E. Cheese without permission?! You're grounded! This means no Family Guy, no American Dad, no South Park, no Burger King, no KFC, no Arby's, no McDonald's, no Wendy's, no Pepsi, no Chuck E. Cheese, no Peter Piper Pizza, no Dora the Explorer, no Bubble Guppies, no Team Umizoomi, and no video games.

Jackie: You can only watch Disney shows, like Proud Family, Higglytown Heroes, Gravity Falls, Phineas & Ferb, and Little Einsteins.

Matt: Go to your room and never ever ever come out!


Air Date

August 19, 2014

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