Hacks in Stick Arena

Stick Arena has been a target for hackers almost as soon as the game was released and became popular. While ranking and kills/death hacking is available, most hackers prefer to use a program called "Stick Arena Trainer", a program that is designed to:

  • Drastically increase reload speeds to unavoidable speeds
  • Make one invincible
  • Go through walls
  • Change a player's username
  • Change username color to black or darker than normal
  • Make one invisible
  • Increase speed of walking
  • Have a weapon when just spawning
  • Posting pictures in the lobby

and dozens of other options. Along with the game this program has become increasingly popular with Stick Arena players, and it is said that 1 out of every 3 players use this program.

About 8 months after the original release of Stick Arena, XGenStudios added the option to vote kick a player out of an arena for being a hacker. Players found it very frustrating to be eliminated by hackers who could travel through walls, have infinite health and reload faster. After thousands of complaints (which have not stopped even today) XGen added this option. Unfortunately, this has been bypassed by many hacks, making the hacker invulnerable to being voted out.

Some players debate whether XGen really enforces the hacking rule. Players claim that XGen does not do anything after reporting a player (another option besides vote kicking). This has not been confirmed but XGen claims it does ban all accounts used for hacking and prevent that IP address from signing up with more accounts.However, some hackers can find a way around the IP blocking by combining several hacks.

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