Weequay NEGAS

A Hadelock

The Hadelock are a race of humanoid aliens which is characterized by the topknot of hair which sprouts from their heads. The number of braids - known as seclusion braids - one has seems to indicate rank, although many xenosocialogists claim the number of strands is meant to indicate the number of Sriluur years a Hadelock has been away from his homeworld. This theory was later proved true, when it was discovered that Hadelock individuals shaved off their topknots when they returned to Sriluur. Hadelock have gnarled, coarse skin which allows them to blend in with, and survive in, the deserts of their native planet, Sriluur. Among other Hadelock, they have the ability to communicate using pheromonal discharges, but they only seem to work within individual Hadelock clans. To other races, they are simply smelly beings. In general, Weequay do not have individual names. They are a quiet, dangerously violent race by nature, and have often found employment as soldiers, guards and mercenaries for most people. The Hadelock prefer to remain low on the technological scale, and worship the moon which orbits Sriluur and its god, Quay. The name "Hadelock" means "follower of Quay." The Weequay appease their god by sacrificing a large beast after battling it

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