Haden carried the name Strith as if it was a trophy. Something you had to fight for to win. That was the reason he spent his whole life trying to make himself known, trying to make sure that people in the future will know his name. Ultimately it led to his demise. Dagon Oparus

Haden Strith was a Dark Lord of the Sith and the prophesized Sith’ari. Also known as Darth Curellius, he is the son of Marcus Strith, the cousin of Mariemaia Strith and also the father of Calson Strith. He inherited the Strith family ability of foresight, making it possible for him to see into the future. He is also the first person to put on Carnage’s mask on without being possessed by him, gaining Darth Carnage’s ancient power and knowledge. He was a Mandalorian General and later became the Dark Lord of the Sith after he united all the Sith factions, allowing him to control the whole Outer Rim. Ten years after he became Dark Lord, he left for Coruscant, taking the whole Sith fleet and more then 3/4ths of the Sith army to Coruscant. There he engaged in a duel with his son where he was mortally wounded. Before he died his son, Calson, held in his arms, where Haden told him to fly away from the fleet as far as he could. Calson did what he asked and Haden told Grand Admiral Deinkins to enter the coordinates to Self Destruct every ship in the Sith Fleet. Deinkins carried out the order and the whole Sith Fleet was destroyed and most of the Sith army. The Sith that did not go were the strongest and greatest Sith, which Haden told them to restart the Sith Order. This fulfilled the ancient Sith prophecy of the Sith’ari.



The story of Haden starts with the forbidden love-affair between his father and mother, Marcus Strith and Serona Oparus. At the time Haden’s mother was a Jedi Knight as well as a single mother and widow. She was sent to the planet Onderon on a mission. How Marcus and Serona first met is a mystery but it is known that Serona grew very fond of the young man. Serona herself was about the age of 25 while Marcus was only 18.

Serona and Marcus spent on night together which resulted in a unexpected pregnancy. Serona told Marcus, however told him that she was going to leave the planet and for him not to come with. Marcus pleaded with her for them to raise the child together however Serona declined and without saying anything else to Marcus she left Onderon and went to Coruscant where she stayed with her sister Koren Janis.


Serona had visions of Haden being a horrible being, mercilessly killing people and eventually ruling the Sith. These nightmares got to her head and she did not know what to do. However when the time came for her to give birth she went to Coruscant’s underground, for reasons not known.

Serona had a hard time getting Haden out. The dark energies were creeping in her as Haden drew nearer to the outside world. When Haden finally came out of the womb, Serona could not handle the drainage of so much force energy it took to deliver Haden. She named him Haden and died before she could even hold him. Haden was then taken under the wing of a Zeltron crime lord known as Vulkan where Haden’s gifts in the darkside would serve useful to the crime lord.


Haden spent nine years under the leadership of Vulkan, using the force to steal, lie, and cheat other people out of their money. Haden was skilled and conning and really skilled at pick pocketing. However Haden had the power of foresight, enabling him to see the future. At this age, the visions came in a dream. Haden dreamed of many things, being trained as a Sith, leading the glorious Mandalorians, and also slaughtering many people. Haden would wake up, wishing for his mother, however realizing that he would never know his mom.

One day Haden went top side on Coruscant to see how much money he could get his hands on. Eventually he tried to steal from the wrong man who happened to be an Imperial General. Haden ran but was pursued by the man. Haden was eventually caught and Haden had no choice but to return the money. The man then saw something in Haden’s eyes that he recognized. He saw a sparkle, a vision of Haden’s mother, Serona, in his eye. He then knew that Haden was his child and took him to his apartment complex on Coruscant.

Marcus told Haden he was his father, and if knew anything about his mother. Haden told him he knew nothing except that the crime lord Vulkan told him that his mother died giving birth to him. Even though it had been years since he had seen Serona he felt a deep sadness. Haden told him he had powers and abilities that had help his life of crime be successful. Marcus knew that he was force sensitive, which disappointed him because he himself was not force sensitive.

Marcus knew he could not raise Haden because of Haden’s force sensitivity. Marcus was faced with a choice that could be considered the hardest choice of his life, give up Haden. Marcus decided to go to the Sith on Korriban and gave Haden to a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Carnage. Darth Carnage secretly had an eye on the young boy Haden, for Carnage knew that Haden was to become the Sith’ari.

Life as a Sith

You are nothing but a Sith, Haden. Why wont you accept that? Mariemaia Strith

Because the Sith have rules you have to live by, and I don’t live under rules. Haden

For nine years Haden trained brutally under the Sith Lord Darth Carnage, experiencing harsh, and horrible punishments, almost dieing of thirst and starvation, as well as sometimes going without sleep for days, sometimes weeks. This however did not stop Haden making friends and rivalries.

When Haden was sixteen he became good friends wit ha thirteen year old human female Karios, who was training to become a Sith as well. After training Haden would sneak out of his room to meet Karios. Karios would have Haden play mind games with her and trick other Sith.

Eventually Darth Carnage found out about Haden and Karios’s friendship. Darth Carnage warned Haden that such friendships could blossom to more than a friendship, however Haden argued with his master. Carnage then brutally tortured him, using an ability that makes a person think that they are on fire even though they are not.

Darth Carnage knew this was the beginning of Haden’s defiance, so Carnage took Haden to his Secret Temple, which was located underground approximately 100 miles from the Valley of the Dark Lords. There Darth Carnage would continue Haden’s training away from all the other Sith. It would be years before Haden would see Karios again.

For five years Haden went through even more intense training, being brutally beaten and almost killed by Darth Carnage himself. Haden began to hate Darth Carnage with a deep passion and even plotted on how to kill him, however he knew the legends of Darth Carnage all too well, however he would put that to the test.

When Haden was twenty years old he had enough. He drew his lightsaber and attacked Darth Carnage when he had his back to Haden. Haden however was not a match for the powerful Darth Carnage. Within minutes Haden was on the ground, defenseless. Darth Carnage, seeing this as an act of betrayal, knew Haden had to be taught a tough lesson. He unleashed a powerful Force Storm against Haden. Haden was being brutally electrocuted, making his hatred for Carnage even stronger.

Haden drew all his hate and used an old darkside force power called force dissolve, last time used by Darth Malak. Haden dissolved the flesh of Darth Carnage, leaving Carnage’s mask, robes, and lightsaber on the ground. Haden went to Carnage’s belongings and picked up his mask. He decided to put it on, which he would later say was the biggest mistake in his life. Haden was the first not to be possessed by Darth Carnage when putting on the mask. Instead he gained Darth Carnage’s memories, knowledge, and more importantly, his powers. After he took the mask off, Haden’s eyes turned to their crimson color.

Rogue Sith Lord

Haden then left the temple, never to go back ever again. He went to the Sith Academy, hoping to figure out where in the order he could be. Since his power had grown a tremendous rate since the last time he was there, the Sith did not trust him. Haden went to Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Blade, where he was questioned where Darth Carnage was. Haden told the Dark Lord that he had killed Carnage. Blade doubted him until Haden gave Blade Darth Carnage’s mask. Blade was upset at this, but was also impressed. Blade however did not like Haden’s arrogance. Instead of Haden taking the place of Darth Carnage like Sith tradition, he was given the rank of Sith Knight.

Haden was furious and left the Sith, however not without meeting with Karios once again. Karios was shocked to see how much Haden had changed, and Haden was shocked on how beautiful Karios had become. Haden told her of his frustrations and told her he was going to make a name out for himself, possibly meeting his cousin Mariemaia, who was ruling the galaxy at the time. Karios instead offered for him to travel with her. Haden wanted to, but thought his own personal quest would come first. He told her some other day and once again he left Karios.

Haden first went to Coruscant to meet Mariemaia. It was hard to meet up with her but he was able to pass the guards and meet her in her office in the Coruscanti Palace. Mariemaia instantly called the guards to arrest Haden, thinking he was a Sith assassin. Before the guards got there Haden told her that he was a Strith as well and that his father was Marcus Calson.

Mariemaia instantly did not believe him and demanded him to give blood for a DNA test. Haden gladly accepted and gave blood when the guards arrived. When waiting for the resulted the guards held him in front of Mariemaia in the office. The results came back positive and Mariemaia was furious, not because she was wrong, but because she knew that if there was another in her bloodline it could make her self-proclaimed image of a goddess fade away if anyone knew she had a living blood relative.

Mandalorian General

After Haden was cast out by Mariemaia he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the Mandalorians. He met with the Mandalore, Halo Synn, and Halo, remembering Haden’s father as a great Mandalorian General, proudly accepted him in the Mandalorian ranks and gave him the rank Major General.

For three years he served Halo as a faithful, and brilliant Mandalorian General. During those three years he also patched things up with his cousin Mariemaia and they began to become deep friends. For the first time in Haden’s life everything seemed to be going well. That would all soon change.

One day Haden dropped by to see his disturbed cousin Mariemaia pacing the floor. The conflicts between her Kingdom and the Mandalorians seemed to have great stress on her. Instead of having a relaxing conversation the two argued and the two exchanged horrible words at each other. The argument ended when Mariemaia slapped Haden. Haden then left in anger, which would be the last time he would see his beloved cousin ever again.

When Haden returned to Ruusan, the new capital of the Mandalorians, Halo told him that Mariemaia was killed. When Haden asked who Halo was a little hesitant but admitted that he was responsible. Haden, in pure rage, attacked the Mandalore. The two got into a fierce battle. However Halo won by catching Haden at a vulnerable point and upholstered his blaster and shot him in the chest. Haden fell mortally wounded but was able to escape by faking his death, suing a rare force technique that makes it look like his vital systems shut down.

After he was sent to the medical bay for an examination, Haden woke up and used force heal, healing his wound. On his way to the hangar bay he slaughtered every Mandalorian stood in his way. When he made it to the hangar he stole a shuttle and left.

Causing Trouble

After the leaving the Mandalorians, Haden returned to his Rogue ways, this time he had a thirst for blood. He went on a rampage, killing Jedi in the shadows and by challenge. His battle was not only with the Jedi, but with the Grey Jedi as well. He was able to kill Jedi Master Veko Kay’Lak, Jedi Knight Tobias Virinus, and Grey Jedi Master Val.

He could not be stopped. Soon Haden had a son with a mysterious woman. Haden saw a vision of his baby son Calson going to the darkside and enslaving the whole galaxy, even killing the immortal Prophetess Ashca. Even though Haden was evil, he could not see his son be doomed by his same fate. He took his son and gave it to a caretaker named Andrea where he left Calson and her on Dantooine where Haden will never see Calson until his death.

Soon however the Sith became divided as the Dark Lady of the Sith, Skeld, died. With no solid leader the Sith became fractionated. The Sith Empire split along the Outer Rim the Republic decided to attack. With the Sith Empire on the verge of Collapse, Haden went to Korriban and proclaimed himself as Dark Lord. There were many challengers and Haden slew them all and reformed the Sith Council, taking up the mantle of Dark Lord.

At the same time his son Calson, who was now 5 years old, and his cousin Cyrus, who was Mariemaia’s son, had reformed the Galactic Kingdom. With Haden’s reunified Sith Empire and the new Galactic Kingdom, they engaged in a war for control, even though Haden’s true intention was to control the Sith to make sure that his son and Mariemaia’s son were protected from the Sith Empire.

Dark Lord and Death

For ten years the ware between Haden’s Sith Empire and the Galactic Kingdom fought at an almost standstill. Haden was able to dissolve the Sith Council and take all powers for himself, making him absolute leader. Haden was being seen as almost insane by the Sith Empire and he was soon loosing his grasp. He knew he had ot make his final move soon.

Haden called the whole Sith Fleet and all the Sith Warriors except about 100 of the best Sith Lords. The whole Sith Military went to Coruscant as a mass invasion. The Coruscant defenses had no chance against the whole Sith Fleet. However Calson could feel his father’s presence and had to do something. He took his starfighter and boarded Haden’s ship. There the two engaged in a lightsaber match.

Battle was brutal however Haden gained the upper hand and was able to swipe Calson’s lightsaber from his hands and force him on the ground. Haden, however couldn’t kill his own son and Calson took the opportunity and recalled his lightsaber back in his hand and jumped to his feet, igniting the lightsaber into Haden’s chest. Haden fell on the ground and Calson held him in his arms as he died, telling Calson that he couldn’t raise Calson because he couldn’t see him share the same fate.

Calson soon left Haden’s starship and Haden gave the order to his Grand Admiral to put in the self destruct Code to every ship of the Sith fleet. The Sith Fleet self destructed and the whole Sith military was destroyed, fulfilling the prophecy of the Sith’ari. Later the ten most powerful, and wisest Sith Lords began the process of recreating the Sith to and Order as the Republic took back the Outer Rim.


Haden has a very arrogant and annoying personality. He was cocky and treated everyone below him inferior. He loved picking fights and rubbing into people’s faces when he won. He had a love for woman, never sticking around with one and always seemed to be able to charm them.


Haden appeared as a Force Ghost many times to Calson and later his descendants. He warned many of them about the dangers of the darkside and how it ruined his life until Jase, where he was encouraging to put on Carnage’s mask like he did and gain all of Carnage’s powers. Unfortunately Jase turned away and so Haden convinced his older sister, Verona, to put on the mask.

Behind the Scenes

Haden first debut was on Star Wars: A New Beginning

Haden was created by Dagon Oparus

Haden's Sith Title, Darth Curellius could have derived from the Strith original family name from Xurellius Strithicus

Haden is the prophesized Sith’ari. When he destroyed the Sith the ten Sith Lords he told to stay rebuilt it and eventually his old master, Darth Carnage took over the Sith and almsot destroyed the Republic.

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