The Haelin are a sentient species. They are distinguishable by their blue skin, white hair and antennae. They are known to have four sexes known as chans, thaans, zhens, and shens. Haelins are blue-skinned humanoids, similar in build to the average Human. Their homeworld features predominantly icy environments with a thin, ozone-rich atmosphere so they evolved to live in cooler conditions, but were capable of living in a wide range of climates. One adaptation the species featured is a redundant circulatory system which allowed them to survive comfortably in their environmental conditions. Haelins efficiently metabolized nutrients and regulated body heat. However, compared to Humans Haelin metabolisms tended to be higher, so they would tire more quickly when engaged in strenuous activities for prolonged periods. The Haelin body had a limited exoskeleton, as well as other insectoid characteristics. Haelins ranged in height from about 1.7 to 2.2 meters tall, with the average male at about 2.3 meters, and a female at 1.8 meters. The average weight for a male was 70 kilograms, and a female 45 kg.

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