At Hagari, the Nasun River cascades in a waterfall over a gargantuan ancient carving of the river goddess, who holds the spout of the waterfall in her carved hands. An ancient system of locks brings boats down beside the waterfall from the cataract.

Hagari is the ancient city of Swenet, which was in antiquity the frontier town of Lenthinar to the north. Because the Lenthinari oriented towards the north, Hagari was the first town in the country, and Lenthinar was always conceived to open or begin at Hagari. It stands upon a peninsula on the left (east) bank of the Nasun River, immediately below (south of) the first cataract, which extend to it from Al Philae. It is supposed to have derived its name from a Lenthinari goddesses with the same name.

The name of the city is also said to derive from the Lenthinari word for trade. The quarries of Hagari are celebrated for their stone, and especially for the granitic rock called Hagarite. They furnished the colossal statues, obelisks, and monolithic shrines which are found throughout Lenthinar, including the pyramids; and the traces of the quarrymen who wrought in these 1000 years ago are still visible in the native rock. They lie on either bank of the Nasun, and a road, 4 miles in length, was cut beside them from Hagari to Al Philae. Hagari was equally important as a military station and as a place of traffic. Under every dynasty it was a garrison town; and here tolls and taxes are levied on all boats passing via the locks.

An ancient path, once used for portage around the waterfall, leads down the hill. Today, it is used by the locals to reach the upper, newer part of the city, and by those too poor to pay the lock toll. This path is not worth taking for any sizeable boat, as the price of porters would far outweigh the toll, unless the boater wishes to avoid the authorities.

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