The following is fan fiction that say why James Tibirius Kirk is better than Jean-Luc Picard:

Lion King: Kirk would, like Pumbaa, be Timon's friend, and he would offer Timon, Pumbaa, and Timon's fellow meerkats safe refuge on his refit Enterprise from the Hyenas. Picard on the other hand, would cater to and help the Hyenas continue to be the nasty little bullies they are, and use them in order to coerce Timon into liking his TNG Trek.

TPM: If Kirk saw the Sando Aqua Monsters bullying the Colo Claw Fish, he would take action and see to it that the Sandos perish or that the Colos escape to another star system that is SANDO-FREE! Picard on the other hand would cater to the belligerant Sandos and use them to threaten any Colo Claw that finds his TNG Trek too boring.

Generations: Want to know who is REALLY responsible for Kirk's fake "death off the cliff in Generations, it is none other than CRABBY PICARD! Picard has ALWAYS been jealous of Kirk and being in his shadow, so he orcastrated a covert murder scheme to kill off Kirk once he met him in the Nexus. He saw it as a perfect opportunity to carry out his jealous revenge so he can get out from under Kirk's shadow and take his glory for himself. When Kirk laid under the busted bridge, Picard just watched him die rather thamn even trying to save his life, and buried his remains under a pile of stones. He then kept it a secret from Starfleet, even his own TNG Crew,k a cover-up to avoid repermand for insubordination. He got the Enterprise-E so he fire as many shots as possible in order to steal Kirk's glory and perform shocking PLAGAIRISM!

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