Hajor Nam-Coa

Hajor Nam-Coa is a character within the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Past Universe.

Hajor Nam-Coa
Status: Active
Current Affiliation(s): None
Previous Affiliation(s): Kingdom Of Oran
Notable Aliases: None.
Notable Relatives: Unknown mother and father.


Hajor was born in one of the many Orghim Breeding Pens in the Kingdom of Oran to an unknown mother and stud. His first few years were largely unremarkable, being a labour slave in the local Oranium mines. His only contact with humans in this time were his cruel Slavemasters, under whom he saw many of his fellow species literally worked to death.

His exposure to the outside world came when he was conscripted into the Oran military. Here he served as a frontline shock troop, and during one particularly bloody battle where his minders were killed, he managed to escape.

He lived for a few years as little more than an animal, living off the flesh of beasts, until he came across a Train of Orock. Despite his savage nature, they took him in and taught to him the ways of culture and society. He proved to have a remarkable appetite for knowledge, and soon he was versed in all that even the most learned of Orock Elders could teach him. He soon left his hosts, but would forever more return to his adopted family, and bring with him knowledge and tales of the world at large.

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