A Half Hatlinks is a cross between a Hatlink and some other form.

They have over names for each race they mix with but there are not many kinds.


A Humlink is a cross between a Hatlink and a Human they are short with Green Skin but still have the skills to turn themselfs white if they want to do that. In Hatlinks a Humlink is highy respected because of Hatlink Royalty being alot like this.


Grey Links are a cross between a Hatlink and a Grey they are seen as evil and are also not welcome on Hatlinks. They can look like Hatlinks but unlike Hatlinks they can change there skin Grey. Where as the full Hatlink can change there skin White they cannot.


A Aqua link is a cross between a Hatlink and a Warbo they like very alike humans however they cannot handle hot places. They are able to change there skin colour to either Green or Blue. But if out of water when they go Blue there lungs cannot handle this so they must only do this when in water.

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