This is one of the twelve Halls of the Adeptii also known as Mishkan Tsipporen. It is the North Polar Hall located on Point Island at the center of the Circumarctic Sea. This Hall is the location of the Crystal Chiefs – the eleven oldest Adeptii. These Adeptii ascended leaving behind their pure piezoelectric quartz crystal cores. The eleven spires rise to a height of 2700 meters. Scholars have estimated that the Chiefs were adults 265 million years before human civilization began on Earth and ascended 11 million years later. The Hall began as the site where the comet core Zera T’chillah impacted Enochii.

The First Seed was the core of a gas and water ice comet that was guided to the planet’s North Pole by electrogravitic field forces and imbedded itself converting its near-light speed momentum into energy equal to one trillion megatons of atomics. The blast caused planetary extinctions of the large reptiles that dominated Equinox at the time and made evolutionary way for the development of sentient mammals.

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