The Rookie as Flik

Miranda Keyes as Princess Atta

Didact as Hopper

Cortana as The Queen

Serina as Dot

Captain Keyes as Corellus

Lord Hood as Thorny

Captain Del Rio as Mr, Soil

Dr Halsey as Dr Flora

Prophet of Regret as Molr

Tartarus as Thumper

Master Chief as Francis

The Arbiter as Slim

Sergeant Johnson as Dim

Tom Lasky as Helmich

Noble 6 as Manny

Sarah Palmer as Gyspy

343 Guilty Spark & 2401 Penitent Tangent as Tuck & Roll

Prophet of Truth as PT Flea

Marines/Spartans/Elites/ODST as Ants

The Covenant/Flood/Prometheans as Grasshoppers

The Gravemind as the Bird

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