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Halo Conflict 2569:

After the events of the Halo Trilogy, Humanity has been split into two factions. The UCC and the UNSC are deadlocked in a war spanning the entire Human Sphere.

History: After the Human-Covenant war Humanity had to rise from the ashes. With the Human population dwindling, and the UNSCDF soldiers scattered and scarce, it was hard. A boost to the rebuilding of Earth and its Colonies was brought about after Lord Valioen (In Power 2554-2562), a general from the UNSC High Command.However, this rebuilding stressed the remaining infrastructure to its limit. The economy was booming, but at a cost. A faction of the UNSC started to try change the harsh conditions in the factories, and the laws governing the people. To make the colonies safe Valioen had gave the green light to martial law in most areas. Eventually the UNSC faction was silenced, and the members separated. The factions leader decided to form a political party, the United Colony Command, a Democracy devoted to making the Human race great again. However they were attacked and hidden from the publics eye, due to the possibility of violent rebellion. The UCC leader Johnson contacted the UNSC fleet. Soon the news of the rebel faction reached every corner of the human sphere. The people were outraged, although some sympathized. This is when it all started to turn. Ship commanders that were UCC sympathizers would disobey commands, and try to sabotage UNSC operations.

Finally Johnson decided to start the revolution. He contacted the Ship Commanders who had sided with his organization, and told them to fire on UNSC ships. The war started over Paris V, when a UCC capital ship, fired upon the UNSC Terra III, destroying it and the Paris V Space Station. A ERB was put out to all colonies of earth, and DEFCON 1 was declared in all parts of the Human Sphere. The first battle lasted 2 weeks, with both sides taking horrific losses. Quadrant 2 fell to the UCC, giving them a base of operations and much needed supplies.

Within 3 years both side were deadlocked in a everlasting war. The population of Earths Colonies were evacuated to Quadrant 3, a DMZ under HIGHCOMM law.

18 nuclear warheads were set off on 3 colonies during the Paris Battles. At this time UNSC forces stationed on the colonies were built up, prior to a planned UCC invasion. On Paris I, after UCC forces landed on the colony they managed to strike a strategic blow to the UNSC by eliminating and entire ODST squadron after they had tried to flank the UCC forces. A UCC Captain sent a Longsword with HAVOK tactical nukes to take out the UNSC main supplies on the colony. After the bomber was shot down, its nuclear payload detonated as it crashed on the outskirts of a Civilian zone on the planet. Within 30 minutes the UNSC retaliated, nuking the UCC forces. After the UCC Midnight tried to descend to the surface to Resupply UCC forces, it was nuked by the USNC Longhorn.

Paris III was the second of these horrific battles. UCC forces had managed to overtake a UNSC military base. When the UNSC refused to loose the facilities experimental REFC drives, they tried to send in a Spartan II team. When the 4 super soldiers were cut down by a UCC ODST battalion, the UNSC military resorted to nuking the facility. Loosing almost 65% put the UCC on were outnumbered 3 to 1 by the UNSC Marines. The UCC deployed nukes, wiping out the enemy, the UNSC following suit after loosing so many Marines.

Both colonies were rendered uninhabitable after the conflict.

About a week after these battles, a Naval battle commenced over Paris IV. After the UNSC Frigate High Rise was stricken by Archers, it lost its Engines and entered the colony's Orbit. After being unable to get out of the planets gravitational field, it fell to the planets surface, its remaining Shiva detonating in the colonies capital city. The UNSC ended up winning, and immediately set up forces to evacuate the city. After containment, the UNSC managed to get supplies to the colonists to replace the stockpiles lost in the blast.

On May 2, 2561 a NOVA bomb was set of on Reach II, the UNSC ONI and Navy's headquarters. A UNSC spy had managed to alert the forces on the planet, despite the UCCs tight security regarding the operation. Despite the bomb, 65% of the personnel and ships made it into slipspace.

During travel from Sustenance, The last Diplomatic meeting place of UCC and UNSC leaders, to Earth, the Capital Ship Requiem was attacked by UCC forces. On board was Lord Valioen, and many high ranking delegates. UCC special operations team neutralized the crew, taking the UNSC leaders hostage. They were transported to a UCC Frigate and held prisoner. UCC interrogators tortured the UNSC leaders for 3 days, but got no information. They were smuggled onto Earth using a cargo vessel. A few UCC operatives managed to sneak the hostages into the UNSC Capital Building in Sydney, Australia. They walked the delegates into the front stage, shooting the one guard on the stage. They brutally massacred them in front of the High Council, seconds later UNSC guards shot and killed the UCC soldiers.

Crystal McKay was voted in as the new leader only 17 hours after the incident. She called for immediate retaliation. The Aegis Fate was ordered to jump to nearby Paris II, the current UCC capital, and activate a Shiva class nuclear warhead for firing. Aegis Fate succeeded, killing 85% of the UCC leaders. Unfortunately Lord Johnson had left the capital earlier that morning to attend a military meeting. 859,623 civilians died, as the nuclear weapon hit one of the most densely populated areas in the entire Human Sphere. 3 days later the Origin Conventions were started, prohibiting such acts as this.

The UCC started to push back the UNSC forces along all fronts. At the year 2569 the UCC forces pushed to earth, gaining a foothold on the Human Homeworld. Sector 81 is located in [classified]. It is home to some of the most intense fighting and battles in all of the Human sphere.

UCC: A rebel faction of the UNSC, they revolted in 2559. After splitting the UNSC they managed to occupy a quarter of Human Space within 2 years. Their current leader is Lord Michel Johnson. Now they occupy 35% of human space. Their army is only 6 million strong, yet they have many brilliant tacticians to compensate. They have a strong fleet, with access to some new technologies the UNSC do not have.

UNSC: The original military and government of the Human Race. Their current leader is Crystal McKay, a Fleet Admiral that gained her position after the assassination of Lord Valioen. Currently they control 65% of Human Space, and have a current military of 11 million strong. They have suffered major losses: including personnel, ships, military bases, and even colonies. UNSC forces have greater access to weapons and technology than most other organizations.

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