Places:Comp, Harmony

Characters:Captain Seil, Spartan 111, Children

{This takes place on the Ship called: The Comp}

CAPTAIN SEIL: Wake up already.

{The Spartan gets up quickly.}

SPARTAN 111: Spartan 111 ready for duty sir.

CAPTAIN SEIL: Hurry and get down to the dock of the ship-

{The ship is shaken up a bit.}

SPARTAN 111: What was that?

CAPTAIN SEIL: I don't know.

{Captain Seil picks up his radio.}

CAPTAIN SEIL: What was that?

PERSON ON THE RADIO: Sir we don't know. You and Spartan 111 need to get up here fast.

CAPTAIN SEIL: You heard that Cherry you need to get to the Cabin of the ship.

{Spartan 111 arrives at the Cabin of the ship.}

SPARTAN 111: What happened?

PILOT: We just arrived at what looks like a massive ring.

CAPTAIN SEIL: Can you land on that thing?

PILOT: Maybe, but I am not too sure though-

{It was too late, for three covenant ships arive.}

{The screen switches to the inside of a covenant ship}


CAPTAIN SEIL: What the heck is that thing?

COVENANT WARRIOR: It's what you can call the Beta Halo. And it's the last thing you will ever see. Fire!

{The Covenant ship fires and destroys the Ship. Spartan 111 gets away before that.}

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