Main Characters

  • Hamtaro (cartoon animation)
  • Bijou (cartoon animation)
  • Oxnard (cartoon animation)
  • Boss (cartoon animation)
  • Sarah Edwards (human)
  • Robot Man (human)
  • Jake & Bobby (Robot Man's sidekicks) (human)
  • Laura (human) (cartoon animation)
  • Laura's Mom (human) (cartoon animation)
  • Laura's Dad (human) (cartoon animation)
  • Kana (human) (cartoon animation)

Guest Stars

  • Thomas the Tank Engine (Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) (cameo) (Bachmann)
  • Percy (Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) (cameo) (Bachmann)
  • Annie & Clarabel (Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) (cameo) (Bachmann)
  • Bill & Ben (Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) (cameo) (Bachmann)
  • Ten Cents (TUGS) (cameo) (ERTL)
  • Sunshine (TUGS) (cameo) (ERTL)
  • Herbie (The Love Bug) (Die-Cast)
  • Theodore Tugboat (Theodore Tugboat) (cameo) (Bath Toy)
  • Lightning McQueen (Cars) (Mattel)
  • Tow-Mater (Cars) (Mattel)
  • Doc Hudson (Cars) (cameo) (Mattel)
  • Eric (Bananaman) (cartoon animation)
  • Bananaman (for Eric) (Bananaman) (cartoon animation)
  • The Crow (Bananaman) (cartoon animation)
  • Babs & Buster Bunny (Tiny Toons) (cartoon animation)
  • Plucky Duck (Tiny Toons) (cartoon animation)
  • Barky Marky (Tiny Toons) (cartoon animation)
  • Fifi La Fume (Tiny Toons) (cartoon animation)


  • This was the movie to use Bachmann, ERTL, Die-Cast, Bath Toy, Mattel and Cartoon Animation.


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