Hank (MTBM)

Hank the Hornet (or better known as Hank) is the recurring antagonist-turned-supporting character of the 2014 German-Australian-Belgian 3D computer-animated comedy adventure film Maya the Bee (promoted theatrically as "Maya the Bee Movie") based on the 1912 German comic book series The Adventures of Maya the Bee by Waldemar Bonsels. He was voiced by Andy McPhee. He is The Queen's current love interest and Bees former arch-rivals.


  • Allgnment: Neutral/Bad, later Good
  • Goals: To fight against the Bees (formerly). To show Hornets and Bees how to become friends (succeeded).
  • Home: Camp (formerly), Hive
  • Relatives: Sting (son), The Queen (mate), Willy (stepson), Maya (daughter-in-law)
  • Friends/Allies: Maya, Willy, Flip, his son Sting, Miss Cassandra, The Queen, Bee Guards, Buzzlina Von Beena, Crawley, Kurt, Lara, Momo, Paul, Arnie and Barney
  • Minions: Bee Soldiers, the Hornets
  • Enemies: Maya (formerly), Willy (formerly), Flip (formerly), Miss Cassandra (formerly), The Queen (formerly), Bee Guards (formerly), Buzzlina Von Beena (formerly), Crawley (formerly), Kurt (formerly), Lara (formerly), Momo (formerly), Paul (formerly), Arnie and Barney (formerly), Gorgo, the Frogs


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