Hannah the Bee (Maya the Bee)

Hannah the Bee is a minor antagonist-turned-recurring character of Maya the Bee. She is a Maya's cloes friend and former arch-rival.


  • Alignment: Neutral, later Good
  • Goals: To make fun of Maya and have Willy as a best friend (formerly). To help Maya and her Friends to fix the Beehive (succeeded).
  • Friends/Allies: Maya, Willy, Flip, Paul, the Ant Colonels, Miss Cassandra, The Queen
  • Enemies: Maya (formerly), Willy (briefly)
  • Likes: Willy, bullying Maya (formerly), honey, Maya (currently), the meadow
  • Dislikes: Maya (formerly), getting in trouble, when the Beehive was have the big hole, bullying Maya (currently)


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