Hanno is the son of Wilhelm Bricks. His mother is Elvira Bricks, and his brother is Udo Bricks. He is to inherit the Schnaps factoy his father owns. Hanno is in love with Tamara Maniouk, the dead girl in the story. It isn't until very late in the story, that Hanno discovers Tamara is dead. He had met her during WWII, and she had his child, although he didn't know she was pregnant when he traveled to Sweden before heading back to Germany. They were very much in love although they could only speak a small amount of the language each other spoke. Hanno's father greatly disapproved of this love beacuse he was racist and didn't want an African to be a part of his family. Hanno served in the war, and got shot in the leg. He drives a Ferrari, and he can make his own coffee.

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