Hans Obuch is the narrator and main character of "Kein Schnaps für Tamara". He is the sort of man who tries to sound smart and witty, but really he just makes himself sound like he is not so intellegent. In most of the book he just seems to ramble on most of his thoughts and a great portion of his thoughts don't seem to make much sense. Unfortunately for those that don't understand German very well, it can be very confusing.

In the beginning of the story, Hans is heading home after a disappointing trip to a place called Endwarden, Germany. He had gone there on a business trip. He was not successful. He was trying to make some sort of agreement or deal with a man named Wilhelm Bricks, the wealthy owner of a schnaps factory. To get home, he plans to take a train. After he boards the train he sits down in one of the cars, but he doesn't like the train car he is in because it is too cold. He looks for a warmer car and stumbles across a dead girl in one of the compartments. He is immediately drawn to the corpse after seeing her hand.

After reporting his discovery, he is taken to the police station to be questioned. After the interrogation, he is free to go home, but something holds him back. He felt like he had seen the girl before, and for reasons he doesn't really know, he asks his boss for a few days off work. When he gets back to Endwarden he meets a lot of people that have something to do with the dead girl, including a painter and his daughter, a secretary, and the son of Wilhelm Bricks, Hanno Bricks. Obuch seems to like women a great deal and thinks himself quite the charmer.

Hans Obuch is like a very poor version of Sherlock Holmes. This is not to say that the story copies anything to do with Sherlock Holmes, it is just a good comparison because this story is a murder mystery. Hans is by no means as clever and intersting as Sherlock Holmes, but you do get a good laugh from time to time at his boring humor and pointless rambling.

Catagory: Kein Schnaps für Tamara

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