(ハヌモン Hanumon)
English Name Apemon
Japanese Name Hanumon
Level Champion
Attribute Vaccine
Type Beast Man
Family Nature Spirits
Move One Metallic Fur
Move Two Mega Bone Stick
Digivolves From Gizamon
Digivolves Into Mammothmon

Hanumon is a yellow ape adult digimon.


Hanumon is a member of Tuskmon's Underground Movement. He is quick to anger and not the brightest crayon in the box, yet completely loyal to his master.

Digimon Elements

  • Hanumon is the first to notice Takeshi's arrival in the digital world, capturing and bringing him to Tuskmon and Hitoshi, but losing Takeshi's D-Store.
  • He appears often as a high ranking leader of the underground movement.


  • Evolution Stage: Adult
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Type: Beast Man
  • Element: Snow


  • Hair Raising Rage
  • Bone Rod


  • Child Stage - Gizamon
  • Adult Stage - Hanumon
  • Perfect Stage - Mammon


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