Attention! The discription below is based on fandom. For a real description go to the link on the bottom of this page!

Hanumon is a yellow monkey adult digimon.


Hanumon is a loyal member of Tuskmon's underground movement. He is the one capturing Takeshi, but dropping his D-Store Digivice.


  • Evolution Stage: Adult
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Type: Beast Man
  • Element: none


  • Hair Raising Rage
  • Bone Rod


  • Baby Stage 1 - ?
  • Baby Stage 2 - ?
  • Child Stage - Shamamon
  • Adult Stage - Hanumon
  • Perfect Stage - Mammon
  • Ultimate Stage - ?
  • Super Ultimate Stage - ?


First appearance in the first chapter. He captures Takeshi and brings him to Tuskmon.


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