• Littlefoot: Oh, I so happy, where are going to do?
  • Timon: How about some tree is talking?
  • Young Kovu: What? No, birthday cake? Try to stomach is talking, OK?
  • Littlefoot: What are these? (they try begins to pull)
  • Young Simba: Uh, Littlefoot, that tree's talking.
  • Littlefoot: No, it isn't.
  • Ducky: You should not eat talking trees, no, no, no...
  • Littlefoot: Here we go!
  • All Cubs, Timon, Ducky: (all singing) Happy birthday to you! (x2) Happy birthday, dear Littlefoot!
  • Littlefoot: Oh yeah!
  • All Cubs, Timon, Ducy: (still singing) Happy birthday to you!
  • Littlefoot: (shaking muffled) There days are dinosaurs in here! The parades!
  • (Littlefoot is going over to pull the branch is hard, with the branch.)
  • Petrie: Waaaaaaaaoooooooooh! (he hit the Littlefoot's nose)
  • Young Kiara: Now you make a wish.
  • Young Simba: And Littlefoot screamed in terror!
  • Littlefoot: My wish... (x2) Oh, got it, ha, OK, here I go. (gasping) Ahhhhh! (back to the movie) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  • Petrie: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  • Timon: Ducky, look out!
  • (Petrie lands to the birthday cake, and crashed to the floor accidentally spills the cake, Ducky immediately got up and ran to inside the hole.)
  • Timon: What a mess you MADE?
  • Ducky: What do you do... huh?
  • Petrie: I spilled by the birthday cake. (Ducky laughs)
  • Littlefoot: Aw, Ducky, you ruined by birthday cake! Clean up!
  • Ducky: Yes, Littlefoot, but we just listen.
  • Littlefoot: (irritated) CLEAN UP!
  • Ducky: Fine!
  • Petrie: I'm sorry, Ducky, it was accident!

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