Happy Dog

He was born in the city of Cardiff where he spent most of his early life. His mother died when he was around 16 giving him the freedom to to finally try his hands at stealing something bigger than film reels from local theaters. He broke into the National Museum of Cardiff stealing tondo made by Sandro Botticelli. This caper nearly ended in him being arrested, and ended up slightly damaging the tondo. He later returned the tondo to the museum with a note apologizing for the theft and partial damage done to the item, also promising to never break into the museum again. A promise he has yet to break. His past is never clearly explained. Though he openly talks about the fact his father barely knew him. Going as far as to say it wasn't his fathers fault, and they met up as much as they could after they had a "fateful encounter". He rarely goes past the few lines before laughing it off and changing the subject. He keeps his past under tight lock and key. Going as far as to never tell his real name even to his closest friends.

"It's the same name my family has used for 4 generations now so I am getting tired of it."

Is what he has been saying since he was a young boy. The name Happy Dog was given to him by one of his childhood friends who said he always acted like a happy dog.

Character Description

Vital Statistics
  • Age, Unknown
  • Hair, Brown
  • Eyes, Blue
  • Height, 183 cm
  • Weight, 87 kgs
  • Nationality, Welsh-French

(Picture not yet available)

Know Aliases
  • Happy Dog (Internationally)
  • Le Loup (UK, France, Germany)
  • Robuster Hund (UK, Germany, Spain)


  • His favorite brand of cigarettes are Winstonsbut he is known to only smoke Gitanes when on a heist.
  • His favorite gun is the Nagant M1895. Of which he has gone through 3 already.

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