• Terk as Grandmother Singer
  • Wally Gator as Barney
  • Timon as Tigger
  • Lowly as Kermit
  • Yogi as Bear
  • Nala as Leona
  • Zazu as Hoots
  • Fanboy as Big Bird
  • Pumbaa as Pooh
  • Chum Chum as Elmo
  • Janitor Russ Poopatine as Oscar
  • Taran as Steve
  • Hilda as Miss Piggy
  • Guirgi as Beaker
  • Floral Rugg as Ojo
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz as Dr. Teeth
  • Sally and Huckle as Kim and Rufus
  • Timmy Turner as Tutter
  • Mort as Treelo
  • Kyle as Count
  • Penguin Waiters as Penguins
  • Madam Mim as Old Grandmother
  • Har Har Hardy as Bert
  • Jerry as Mouse
  • Jimmy Two Shoes as Floyd Pepper

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