Happy Thanksgiving is the 24th episode of the fan fiction series, The Adventures of Amy and Tiff, which also marks the finale of the first season. The episode was actually uploaded on November 29, 2011 (five days after Thanksgiving).


On Thanksgiving Day, King Dedede plans on celebrating the holiday with a special Thanksgiving dinner at his castle. Just after he invites everyone in Cappytown and Station Square for dinner, he orders the chicken monster Tookey from Dr. Eggman. Thankfully, Kirby defeats the king-sized chicken by grilling it on the sun.



  • This is the fifth time Kirby gets a Copy Ability (Cook).
  • Chris Thorndyke is mentioned in this episode.
  • This is the seventh appearance of Amy's Piko Piko Hammer.
  • Tookey is also an enemy from Kirby's Dream Land, though it only appears in the Extra Mode.
  • Kirby's technique of defeating Tookey is similar to defeating Popon from the 11th episode, The Big Taste Test.
  • The turkey that Amy and Tiff bought costed $26.80 including tax. Since the turkey weighs 25 lbs. and costs $24.99 (a dollar per pound), Station Square's tax rate of 7.25% is therefore the same tax rate used in the State of California, which is also the home state of five of the six American major film studios.
  • Number of Sonic characters: 8
  • Number of Kirby characters: 11

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