• Cuddles as Finn
  • Giggles as Jake (their both best friends with Cuddles and Finn)
  • Toothy as Princess Bubblegum (they both like Candy)
  • Nutty as Lumpy Space Princess (it accualy fits)
  • Sniffles as Tree Trunks (they both got A Trunk)
  • Lumpy as The Ice King (both are blue)
  • Lifty and Shifty as HotDogs (The Limit)
  • Petunia as Baby Snaps (Princess Cookie)
  • Mime as Marceline (both have white faces)
  • Lammy as Keila
  • Disco Bear as Guy
  • Truffles as Bongo
  • The Great Prince of the Forest (from Bambi) as Hunson

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