Happy Tree Friends/GoGoRiki is the HTF Version of GoGoRiki


  • Lifty as Pogoriki
  • Shifty as Chikoriki
  • Giggles as Rosariki (both are pink, beautiful and are love intrests with Cuddles and Wooliriki)
  • Toothy as Ottoriki
  • Russell as Boboriki
  • Petunia as Olgariki (both are busy bodies, are friends with Giggles and Rosariki and love intrests with Handy and Bigoriki)
  • Sniffles as Docoriki (both are smart)
  • Cuddles as Wooliriki (both are love intrests with Giggles and Rosariki)
  • Handy as Bigoriki (both are stubborn)

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