Cuddles as Alex

Toothy as Marty (both end in Y)

Lumpy as Melman

Giggles as Gia (both are female begin with letter G)

Petunia as Gloria

Disco Bear as King Julian

Nutty as Mort

Flaky as Sonya

Flippy as Makunga (both are mean and vicious)

Numerous Flippies in Epic Battle as Fossas

Bushtit Monkey as Teetsi

4 Tiger Bomb Masters as Skipper, Rico, Kwalski, and Private 

Russel as Vitaly

Pop as Zuba

Cub as Young Alex (both are cubs BIG TIME)

Lammy as Florrie

Mr. Pickels as Young Giraffe

Mime as Stefano

Sniffles as Maurice

and more

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