Cuddles as Mario (Both are the Main Characters)

Giggles as Princess Peach

Toothy as Luigi

Lumpy as Yoshi

Petunia as Princess Daisy

Nutty as Toad

Sniffles as Shy Guy

Flaky as Toadette

Handy as Donkey Kong

The Mole as Diddy Kong

Splendid as Morton Koopa Jr.

Disco Bear as Bowser Jr.

Russell as Funky Kong

Mime as Larry Koopa

Lifty as Lemmy Koopa

Shifty as Iggy Koopa

Cro-marmot as Ludwig Von Koopa

Flippy as Bowser

Pop as Koopa Troopa

Cub as Goomba

Lammy as Wendy O Koopa

Whistle as Lakitu

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