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Cuddles as Kermit

Giggles as Miss Piggy (both are pink and Giggles has a romantic relationship with Cuddles while Miss Piggy has a romantic relationship with Kermit)

Toothy as Fozzie (Toothy is best friends with Cuddles while Fozzie is best friends with Kermit)

Lumpy as Gonzo (both are blue and stupid)

Petunia as Janice

Nutty as Animal (both are wild)

Sniffles as Bunsen (both are scientists and wear glasses)

Flaky as Beaker (both are timid)

Handy as Rowlf

Mole as Zoot (Both wear sunglasses)

Disco Bear as Dr. Teeth (both like music and they're names both begin with D)

Russell as Rizzo (both's names begin with R)

Lifty as Statler

Shifty as Waldorf

Mime as Floyd Peppers (Both are purple)

Cro-marmot as The Swedish Chef (both have hair covering their eyes)

Flippy as Sam

Pop as Scooter (Both are orange)

Cub as Pepe

Mr. Pickles as Robin (both are small and green)

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