• Toothy as Twilight Sparkle(they're both purple)
  • Cuddles as Pinkie Pie
  • Disco Bear as Rarity
  • Handy as Applejack
  • Splendid as Rainbow Dash(they are both blue and can fly)
  • Truffles as Fluttershy
  • Lumpy as Derpy Hooves(they are both stupid, cross eyed, and their names end with a y)
  • Flaky as Spike
  • Russel as Pipsqueak (they're both pirates)
  • Evil Flippy as Discord
  • Giggles as Indigo Zap


  • Flaky, despite playing a boy's role, is a girl (I made her Spike because I support Spike/Rarity and Disco Bear/Flaky)

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