Cuddles as Elmo

Giggles as Zoe

Toothy as Telly (both's names begin with T and end in Y)

Lumpy as Big Bird (both are stupid)

Petunia as Rosita (both are blue and they're names end in A)

Nutty as Cookie Monster (both are addicted to sweet foods)

Flaky as Abby (both's names end in Y)

The Mole as Sherlock Hemlock

Splendid as Super-Grover (both are blue superheroes who do more harm than good and they're names start with S)

Russell as Grover (both are blue)

Lifty as Ernie

Shifty as Bert

Flippy as Oscar (both are green and grouchy)

Pop as Papa Bear (both are brown bears and they're names start with P)

Cub as Baby Bear (both are brown bears)

Lammy as Prairie Dawn

Mr. Pickles as Stinky the Stinkweed (both are small and green)

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