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  • Toothy as Gumball
  • Cuddles as Darwin
  • Giggles as Anais (their both pink)
  • Petunia as Nicole
  • Lumpy as Richard
  • Pop as Mr. Robinson
  • Flaky as Penny
  • Nutty as Carrie
  • Lammy as Carmen
  • Lifty as Tina
  • Shifty as Tina's dad
  • Cub as Anton (their both small)
  • Flippy as Principal Brown
  • Mr. Pickels as Bobert
  • Disco Bear as Banana Joe
  • Sniffles as Tobias
  • The Mole as Ms. Simian
  • Russel as Rocky
  • Buddhist Monkey as Mr. small
  • Cro Marmot as The Robber
  • Splendid as Alan

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