• Lumpy as Homer Simpson (both are stupid)
  • Petunia as Marge Simpson (both clean up)
  • Cuddles as Bart Simpson (both are silly, mischievious and likes to ride on skateboards)
  • Giggles as Lisa Simpson
  • Flaky as Maggie Simpson
  • The Mole as Grampa Simpson
  • Toothy as Milhouse Van Houten (Both are best friends with Cuddles and Bart Simpsons)
  • Sniffles as Professor Frink (both are inventive and wear glasses)
  • Handy as Martin Prince
  • Flippy as Itchy (both's names end in Y)
  • Splendid as Duffman
  • Disco Bear as Disco Stu (both like to dance to disco music and their names both begin with Disco)
  • Russell as The Sea Captain (both are pirates)
  • Mime as Krusty The Clown (both are clowns)
  • Lifty as Patty Bouvier
  • Shifty as Selma Bouvier (both's names begin with S)
  • Cro-marmot as Jasper Beardley (both are frozen in a block of ice (however Jasper was only frozen in a block of ice once and Cro-marmot is frozen in a block of ice forever))
  • Fliqpy as Scratchy (both kill others and their names both end in Y)
  • Pop as Chief Wiggum
  • Nutty as Ralph Wiggum

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