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Lumpy as Homer Simpson (both are stupid)

Petunia as Marge Simpson (both clean up)

Toothy as Bart Simpson (both are silly, mischievious and bratty)

Giggles as Lisa Simpson

Cub as Maggie Simpson

The Mole as Grampa Simpson

Nutty as Milhouse Van Houten

Sniffles as Professor Frink (both are inventive and wear glasses)

Flaky as Martin Prince

Handy as Scratchy (both's names end in Y)

Splendid as Duffman

Disco Bear as Disco Stu (both like to dance to disco music and their names both begin with Disco)

Cuddles as Hans Moleman (both are yellow get hurt easily)

Russell as The Sea Captain (both are pirates)

Mime as Krusty The Clown (both are clowns)

Lifty as Patty Bouvier

Shifty as Selma Bouvier (both's names begin with S)

Cro-marmot as Jasper Beardley (both are frozen in a block of ice (however Jasper was only frozen in a block of ice once and Cro-marmot is frozen in a block of ice forever))

Flippy as Itchy (both kill others and their names both end in Y)

Pop as Chief Wiggum

Lammy as Ralph Wiggum

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