Nautolan NEGAS

A Haradin

The Haradin are a humanoid race that is amphibious in nature, with green skin and a collection of headtails falling from the rear of their skulls. The Haradin are native to the Sabilon region of the aquatic world Harad, a planet they shared with the Anselmi. They were known for their incredible sense of smell, which came from the highly receptive olfactory receptors located throughout their head-tails, and they could detect the presence of pheromones and changes in a being's body chemistry. This sense of smell was exceptional when used underwater, but tended to fade when the Haradin lived on the land. Because of this, and the fact that their native Haradin language could only be fully pronounced underwater, Haradins prefer to live in the water. In addition to verbal and pheromonal communication, the subtle swirls and patterns found in a Haradins unblinking eyes often displayed their emotions. The music of the Haradin race was difficult to comprehend for most other races, as the pauses between notes were more important than the notes themselves.

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