The Haradin are a sophisticated and cultured humanoid mammalian species that hailed from the planet Harad. They have tall tapering heads, which housed large binary brains, enabling them to focus on many things at the same time. Aside from this unique feature, Haradins are physically similar to humans, although they possessed an extra heart, which supplied extra blood circulation to support their brains.

Haradin males aged more quickly than the females, who had similar lifespans to Humans. Thus, there were fewer males than females. Polygamous marriage was a necessity in order for the species to survive. Each male usually had one primary "bond-wife", and between four and ten "honor-wives".

Their enlarged skulls, extending up to twenty centimeters above their foreheads, house complex binary brains, provided with sufficient blood by an extra heart in their heads. The binary structure of Haradin thinking helped them to ponder two sides of an issue at once[1]. It also enables them to process information and solve problems rapidly. Because of their thoughtful nature, they tended to be calm, rational, and analytical, preferring peaceful philosophies and a lifestyle which worked in harmony with nature. Though the quick-thinking Haradins had equally quick reflexes, they were commonly not as well coordinated as Humans. Because of the weight of their enlarged skulls, Haradins often had back problems.

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