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The title screen of the game presents you with three save slots. If no saved game exist in the chosen save slot, a new game is created.

New game

The first option is to assign level points to the heroine. You have 7 total level points to distribute, between 4 types of H: Vagina, Breasts, Fellatio, Anal.

When assigning a point to a type that is at 3 or higher, it's called Over Enchanting (OE), and there is only a 60% success rate to Over Enchant. If Over Enchant fails, the corresponding level drops down to 3.

Main Interface

V Rank

B Rank

F Rank

Heroine Pic Name
V level
B level
F level
A level


H mode Hunting: Forest

A Rank

Unused Rank

Hero Pic Name
P level
P skin
Hunting: Lake Hunting: Field



Equipment Treasures Food supply
Hunting: Sea Sacrificial Altar
Portrait Message area Highscore: Haro pleasure: Forest: Lake: Field
  • V/B/F/A Ranks: How many tiles can be locked and how many bonus tiles appear during H-mode games. At A rank the maximum of four tiles can be locked; ranks up to the maximum of SSS increase the chance of bonus tiles.
  • Rank Points: Each level, Haro gains a point to be spent in any of her ranks. The number of unspent points appears here.
  • Items: Unequipped charms, scrolls, game animals and livestock. There at 8 slots at the beginning, increasing up to 15 slots. Items can be equipped with left-click and discarded with Del and J keys. Animals can be slaughtered for food with right-click, or sacrificed with the O key.
  • V/B/F/A Levels: Multiplier for points gained and percentage of Seed tiles that appear during H-mode, when playing in the respective zone.
  • Alignment: Elemental levels Sun/Moon/Fire/Wind/Water/Earth. These are modified by sacrificing animals, scoring Ejaculation in particular zones in H-mode, and Sun and Moon scrolls. These are explained in Alignment.
  • Classes: Haro's Class grants various effects, and sometimes penalties. Class is determined by elemental Alignment at the time of sacrificing a rabbit, and later determines the class of Haro's child after clearing the game.
  • P Level: Multiplier for all points gained in H-mode.
  • P Skin: Modifies the frequency of Seed tiles in H-mode. Higher P Skin reduces the percentage of Seed cards, and can keep them from appearing at all. This number can go into the negatives (Premature Ejaculation,) adding to Haro's V/B/F/A Levels, and can make Seed tiles crowd the entire board in H-mode.
  • Vitality: Current and maximum Vitality. Vitality is used to reveal or destroy tiles in any game mode, and to select Seed tiles and penetration lock tiles in H-mode.
  • Equipment: Currently equipped item. Charms will have a variety of randomly generated effects. Equipping a rabbit increases Haro's pregnancy rate. All other items have no effect when equipped, but may be targeted by Bless scrolls. Any cursed item cannot be unequipped until uncursed.
  • Treasures: Treasure swords found in the game are listed here; these can be used by Havel and Haro's children in the Extras section. Also, the deviltongue vibrator is shown, which Chuckie will bring Havel after taking Haro's virginity.
  • Food Supply: Inventory of food aquired from hunting animals, to be used in the pre-H Cooking stage. Higher quality foods restore more Vitality during H-scenes.

  • Haro's alignment only appears with the Enlightened effect, which can be granted by certain classes and items.
  • Tower only appears after heroine reaches level 15 on the first play-through. In later games the tower will appear after Haro becomes pregnant, or at level 15 if she hasn't been impregnated since restart.
  • A totem pole appears in the lower left corner of the H Mode icon if you complete a Hunting:Sea under 5 minutes (Japanese patch only.)
  • Additional item slots (up to 7) appear underneath the first item slot depending on your high scores (see later sections for details).

Basic puzzle

Most games in Haro are based on a shisen-style puzzle with a simple object; match tiles no further than two rotations from each other. If that sounds simple enough to be confusing, then it's good that it's illustrated in diagrams in the game and manual. The only secret to quick matching and clearing the board is practice and luck, but there are different ways to maneuver each board for the best score.

There are two "lifelines" you can use if you feel you are getting stuck:

  • Del or J - the Del key allows you to delete any two matching tile on the board, at the cost of two hearts. There are skills that can lower this penalty to a minimum of half a heart.
  • Space - the Space bar will highlight a pair of matching tiles that can be cleared. It costs half a heart. In H mode, an alternate lifeline also exist that doesn't cost hearts, but has other penalties. See the H mode section for details.

Hitting Q during the puzzle will end the day, returning you to the main interface.

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