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Haro is the cursed nymph that gods and villains have plotted to commit you to training, and the story can't be told unless you play your role.

The H mode board is the easiest, with two small asymmetrical groups of tiles. The score is no longer by timing, and you can take as long as you want to clear it. Instead, the H mode is scored by the heroine's pleasure level, by doing tile matches in an order that scores specific combos.

The H mode game also has a 'peeping mode', which can be activated with the 'P' key. In peeping mode, Chucky the kobold will peep in and help by pointing out matching tiles. Haro will gain pleasure at a sharply reduced rate unless she's made Exhibitionist, either with certain charms or by attaining certain classes. Beginners can simply ignore the score and use this as a training mode to get a feel for the game.


The H mode is divided into 5 phases. You move from one phases to the next when you have cleared enough tiles for that phase (the number of tiles left to progress to the next phase is indicated in the upper right corner of the game board).

  1. Cooking - 24 tiles (12 matches)
  2. H preparation - 24 tiles (12 matches)
  3. H preparation - 24 tiles (12 matches)
  4. Insert - 24 tiles (12 matches)
  5. Finish - 16 tiles (8 matches)

Each of the phases (except Cooking) has a number of different actions to choose from. At the Action selection menu, the upper left lets you filter the actions by their associated H type, with V always pre-selected. Lower in the left column it shows the Rank, Level, Practice, and Maximum Locks for that H type. When you hover over each action, some may have associated Bonus Tiles (random each time you enter H mode) that show up in the lower right corner.

Phase Type Action name Notes
Preparation V 葉露が上になって腰を使います Seed card may appear at beginning of phase
Preparation V 肉棒でおま○こを擦りつけます May produce seed cards during the phase
Preparation V おま○こを撫で撫でします
Preparation V おま○こを指でほぐします
Preparation B


Every time you successfully match a pair of tiles, the match goes into your "hand" at the lower left of the board. You hand holds up to 4 matches, each represented by 1 tile, and when the hand is full it gets scored then resets. Additionally, there may be up to 4 "lock" tiles and 4 "bonus" tiles that count towards your hand when scoring (see later sections for details), so the highest possible tiles to be counted for scoring can be up to 12.

  • Exception - "Seed" tiles do not need to be matched in pairs. Clicking on a single Seed tile "matches" it and puts it into your hand.
Name Points +Points Description
X Pair (of matches) 1 +2 You have 1+ pairs of same-number matches
X cards 3 +5 3+ of the matches in your hand have the same number. (4 of a kind = "+1" = 8 points)
Flush 3 +2 4+ of the matches in your hand have the same suite.
Straight 4 +4 4+ of the matches in your hand have consecutive numbers.
Ejaculation 18 - You have a Clover match, a Tech match, a Feel match, and a Seed match.
Point stacking examples
  • "4 of a kind" = "3+1 cards" = 3 + 5*1 = 8 points
  • "5 of a kind" = "3+2 cards" = 3 + 5*2 = 13 points
  • "7 card straight" = "4+3 card straight" = 4 + 3*4 = 16 points
  • If you have 5 matches of the same suite in consecutive, it count as "+1 Flush" and "+1 Straight" so you earn 5 + 8 = 13 points

This "base point" is then compounded by other factors to calculate Haro's pleasure score.


At the bottom center of the board, 1-4 slots may be open for locked tiles, or may be blocked with the label "Can not Lock". All slots will be closed during the Cooking phase, and the number of slots available in later phases depend on Haro's genital Rank in the zone chosen. All slots will be open at Rank A and above.

Locked tiles are added to the hand for the purposes of scoring for the rest of the phase. Placeholders will be left on the board where the tiles were locked from, and will block any other tile-matching rotations. If this leaves no matches available at all, then all locked tiles will be cleared and removed from play.

Penetration locks work the same as locks except they leave their places open for other matches and cost 1/2 Vitality point each. The maximum locks per phase depends on Haro's class and item bonuses, and the zone selected for the phase.

Bonus Tiles

Any bonus tiles available will display before the phase begins, when hovering the cursor over the selection. During the phase, the tiles appear in the lower right corner of the board. These also add to each hand played during the phase, for up to a total of 12 tiles each hand.

Incubus Vibe

Adds a whopping bonus to your H scene score if you meet the conditions. This becomes available after Penetrating Haro at least once Vaginally and Anally during the run, though not necessarily in the same session, and will be listed in your Treasure Box (Chakki/Chuckie will bring it to Havel during one of the intermission scenes.)

After you have it, any time you score an Ejaculate on both a Vagina and Anal zone and have Vitality remaining at the end of the session, you will get the option to use this. This will multiply your score for up to 6 Vitality points, or as much as you have remaining.

To make the most of this, you should save a replenishing meal from the Cooking stage to use just before matching the final tiles. If you're trying to avoid impregnating Haro, the first Pre-penetration stage would have the lowest risk of pregnancy. Getting Seed cards at that stage would require a high Vagina Level and low Penis Skin, and the topmost Vagina option which is only available at higher Vagina Rank.

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