Harold The Helicopter

Promotional picture of Harold in full CGi

Number 4
Class Helicopter
Livery Helicopter
Line Tidmouth-Barrow-in-Furness mainline
Built 1984 (he was experimental)
Builder Helicopter
Designers Sir Topham Hatt I and William Stainer
First Appearance Percy And Harold
Voice Actors

Keith Wickham (UK)
Kerry Shale (USA)

Harold is a white helicopter who patrols the skies of Sodor. Nicknamed "whirlybird" by the engines, he enjoys a good-natured rivalry with them. Although Harold can sometimes be considered boastful, he loves nothing more that to help out and get's annoyed when he's not doing something. He was introduced in Season 2 and has been seen often since his debut.


  • Harold's theme is his Season 2 theme. He cameoed Thomas' Day Off and Up Up and Away!  He speaks in Calm Down Caitlin


Counerparts (Planes version)


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