Harold the Helicopter
is a Character on Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends. When he first arrived, he stated Percy that railways were "slow and out-of-date". Percy proved him wrong when he beated him in a race. Harold keeps an eye on Sodor to see if anyone's in trouble. He speeds to the rescue of anyone in distress. He had his own helipad during Misty Island Rescue at the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre.

Series 2

  • "Percy and Harold"
  • "The Runaway"
  • "Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree" (does not speak)

Series 3

  • "Percy's Promise"
  • "Thomas, Percy and the Post Train"
  • "All At Sea"
  • "Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure

Series 4


Series 5

  • "Baa!" (does not speak)
  • "Toby and the Flood"
  • "Thomas and the Rumours" (does not speak)
  • "Oliver's Find"
  • "Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday"
  • "Make Someone Happy"

Series 6

  • "A Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter"
  • "Percy's Chocolate Crunch"

Series 7

  • "Emily's New Coaches" (cameo)
  • "Harold and the Flying Horse"
  • "Best Dressed Engine" (cameo)
  • "Three Cheers For Thomas"
  • "The Grand Opening" (does not speak)

Series 8

  • "Don't tell Thomas"

Series 9

  • "Thomas and the Rainbow" (does not speak)
  • "Bold and Brave"
  • "The Magic Lamp"

Series 10

  • "Topped Off Thomas" (does not speak)
  • "Thomas and the Birthday Mail"
  • "Thomas and the Treasure"

Series 12

  • "Henry Gets It Wrong"
  • "James Works It Out"

Series 14

  • "Henry's Health and Safety" (cameo)
  • "Being Percy" (cameo)
  • "Jumping Jobi Wood" (does not Speak)
  • "Jitters and Japes" (cameo)
  • "Merry Misty Island"

Season 15

  • "Toby and Bash" (cameo)
  • "Edward the Hero"
  • "James to the Rescue" (cameo)
  • "Happy Hiro" (cameo)
  • "Henry's Happy Coal" (cameo)
  • "Let it Snow"
  • "Stop that Bus!"
  • "Stuck on You"
  • "Fiery Flynn" (cameo)


  • "Thomas and the Magic Railroad"
  • "Calling All Engines"
  • "The Great Discovery"
  • "Misty Island Rescue"
  • "Day of the Diesels" (cameo)
  • "King of the Railway"

Season 16

  • "Race to the Rescue" (cameo)
  • "Express Coming Through" (does not speak)
  • "Sodor Surprise Day"
  • "Welcome Stafford" (cameo)

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