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Harriet Sernet

Harriet Sernet is a alien from the planet of Hatlink she was born in 1967 and lived in Hatlinks most of her life. She went to Hatlinks College with the Sixth River who was in the form of Steph Colledge they started to come very close even when Harriet was aware that stuff was Half Hatlink


Harriet Sernet and Steph Colledge started to leave Hatlinks on a objective to travel across everywhere in a life time. Harriet Sernet also wanted to help Steph Colledge find the rest of the Rivers. After finding out about a report of a girl called Emma Smith who has taken a army plane after beating up 4 armed guards they found this interesting. Harriet Sernet said to Steph Colledge you must do what needs to be done.


After seeing many places across the world and other worlds Harriet Sernet returned back to Melbourne where Steph Colledge had lost all the Rivers

They soon went on to Area 51 Where they looked into what really went on in the world they found out soon they were underattack by agents. In a nasty battle Harriet had to change her dna to live. The bullet which hit her in the head change her personally which made her not think. She then forced Steph who had done a dna change to live in Canada.

Harriet Sernet spend alot more years living back in Hatlinks telling how Steph had died in a accident and she was unable to change her dna.


Harriet Sernet heard that Steph name was getting about and that she might be found out of what really went on. Because of the fear of Harriet being killed she took off to where Steph was now living in the town of Totnes there she wanted to draw Steph out of hiding and took the Fifth River who was now by the name Primrose Windsor hostage and wanted to make Steph come to save her. The plan worked but also area 51 had got word this started a very big fight out with them. Soon Harriet found herself fighting with three of the 6 Rivers.

Scott Curtis was badly hurt in the battle when Harriet almost killed him Steph didnt think Scott would live and took it all out to defeat Harriet Sernet. In the fight Harriet pushed Steph into a speeding car sparking her to change her dna once again. Harriet ran off knowing she had failed. She also lost the jumper and was now homeless. Aware if she ever went back to Hatlinks she would be killed.


Harriet Sernet came close to a man named Nick Green who said he would put her up having no choice she lived with him but as time went on she found Steph Colledge didnt owe anything against her and soon they forgive each other because of stuff in the bible. Later on that year Harriet lived with Steph Colledge where she taught how to live on earth.

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