Harrison was taken back to the times of his ancestors in Ancient China. Back then chinese people acted white. I mean really white. Harrison had to fix this connundrum by giving ancient china skills in karate, math, how not to drive and the inability to speak English.

In addition to bringing the entire asian race to its present day greatness, Harrison was the great one that the asians of yore prophesized about. For the asians were at this time guardians to other relms and they were preparing a strike into our world. Thus Harrison arrived just in time to teach the asian sterotypes of karate, tae kwon doe, samurai and ninjas.

And after much training and making asians asain, they were ready for battle. (much much training)

The battle was so fierce that the asian wizards had to shape and mold warriors to fling as the mighty other world monsters. What the wizards came up with was modifing modern day animals. From monkeys came white people and to control them the asians gave them their souls. For the asians found that souls hampered the asians when calculating complex math problems and their flying ability.

After one day in battle though after much slaughtering of the white people creations, the asians realized that that the white people were actually doing more bad then good so they were sent far away to europe via catapult.

After the expulsion of the backwards white people, the asians found their zen and sfter many hard battles Commander Harrison was able to triumph over the enemy-monsters and the portal was destroyed.

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