Harror the Robot haves this parody


  • Harror the Robot as Thomas
  • Chief Bot as Edward
  • Mad Mad Gone as Henry
  • Flash Juan Axel as Gordon
  • White as James
  • Chico Cecho as Percy
  • Grand-Bot as Toby
  • One Eyed 1 as Duck
  • Saxophonist as Donald
  • Bassist as Douglas
  • One Eyed 2 as Oliver
  • Malvadu the Boss as Diesel
  • Percussionist as Bill
  • Pianist as Ben
  • Ghost Girl as Daisy
  • Marion the Blunder as Mavis
  • Emily the Power as Emily, both shares the Same Name
  • Fluffy the Blunder as Bertie
  • Black Block as Arry
  • Evil Mule as Bert
  • Firoro as Fegus
  • Liñy the Girlbot as Rosie
  • Doctor Crimen Foregu as Diesel 10 
  • Drag as Splattler
  • Monster Octopus as Dodge
  • Farmer Bot as Terence
  • Timothy the Thunder as Stanley
  • Rainbow Robot as Toad
  • Rock the Nanorobot as Bulgy
  • Mmaasssnaakkkkeee as Elizabeth
  • Tradik Trajendi Lord as George
  • Totely the Groter as Madge
  • Toby the Robot as Gator
  • DoDo the Funtion as Porter

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