Transdimensional Void Runners representing the Hesychast Order from the Universe of the Magisterium have visited the universe where Harry Potter and other witchs and wizards live [1]. Some of the witchs and wizards in this universe have had a healthy exchange of ideas with the Hesychast monks and nuns, deciding to set up a presence of the Official Magisterium in their own universe in exchange for learning how to reach parallel Earths. The idea of the Hesychasts is to use this Earth's wizarding community to set up an Official Magisterium sect that preaches belief in a Supreme Being who created parallel universes and that magic is a gift from this God, and this sect/faction has already expanding at a rapid pace. Contact with the Earth of Harry Potter has occured mainly in Britain, and that country's Ministry of Magic [2] is alreay aware of the existance of the Hesychast Transdimensional Void Runners, the creation of the new Official Magisterium sect, and the existance of new universes.

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