• Harry Coombes as Mario
  • Jacob Rivetowski as Luigi
  • Shirley Mallard as Pauline
  • Jessie Stone as Princess Peach
  • Eddie Coombes as Toad
  • Sam Two Feathers as Yoshi
  • Ginger as Princess Daisy
  • Norman Coombes as Toadsworth
  • Wade Carlton as Oogtar
  • Stephanie as Princess Rosalina
  • Burt Coombes Jr. as Bowser
  • Burt Coombes as Donkey Kong
  • Tonto as Diddy Kong
  • Dominic Santosi as Detective Herlock Solmes
  • Nick Lewis as Boo
  • Mrs. Rothman as Birdo
  • Hitchhiker as Kamek
  • Jesús as Ludwig Von Koopa
  • Mugger as Morton Koopa, Jr.
  • Sally K. Marr as Dixie Kong

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