Hartley logo

Created By: Matthew John Latham
Genre: Drama/Horror/Fantasy
Running Time: Unknown
Current Series: Ended
Number of Episodes: 10
Series Debut: March 2001
Series End: May 2001

Hartley is the series that Matthew John Latham created in 2001 in his first foray into the world of Virtual Series. It was a virtual spin-off of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and was set after the fifth season. It lasted a total of ten episodes, all which were written by Matthew John Latham except for episode four that was written by Marc Gibson.

Basic Premise

Welcome to the quaint little villiage of Freedom, full of lush green forests, small shops and secluded and hidden off to everyone else - The Watcher's Council. The series opens with Hartley joining the Watcher's Council as one of the new young Watcher's being taught...but he shows strange skills of strength and speed, and as dark forces within the Council conspire against the new watchers, Hartley finds himself alone. He's told by a ghost (the Deceased Riley Finn) that he's supposed to be a champion, and with the help of a 'Seer' in Catherine Geonni, arrogant American Scientist Lydia Marsall and a supposedly reformed Ethan Rayne - they can overcome this darkness...


William Hartley

William Harltey was a young Watcher who joined the Watcher's Council

Catherine Goenni

Riley Finn

Lydia Marshall

Ethan Rayne

Supporting Characters

Quentin Travers

Thomas Sophomore



The Episodes

1:01 - Welcome to Freedom Part I

1:02 - Welcome to Freedom Part II

1:03 - Mysterious Science

1:04 - Trust

1:05 - Flesh

1:06 - Thingical

1:07 - On The Run

1:08 - Manhunt

1:09 - Hostage

1:10 - Glimmer

Future Plans

Influences on Subsequent Series

Besides from declaring that he "will forever hate the transcript/script format", the notion of a Virtual Series affected Marc Gibson's plans for a novel he was writing called Ravenshill. A few montsh of planning later, Gibson then wrote a two-part prose pilot for Ravenshill, after comments from Latham - he tried writing a third episode and was successful. Latham then joined the Ravenshill staff, planning the fourth episode and writing the tenth.

The name Carsall would show up in the Ravenshill spin-off Hayden City in the character of Tina Carsall.

Lydia Marshall

Latham's longest surviving character.

Other Links

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